With subtasks you can let one agent perform certain tasks while another agent is responsible for the case.
From a case, the task is created by clicking «New task» and each task has the following:

  • Subject - Description - Work log - Start time - Solve time - Object Type - Objects - Status - Time consumption - Email to agent
    Project tasks also contain fields for progress, economics and attachments.
    By clicking the «Display» button at the top right of the Servicedesk overview tab, and check for "Show scheduled tasks", you will make the task list visible, with all subtasks, maintenance tasks and project tasks.
  • If you have been assigned a task, tasks will automatically appear at the bottom of the overview screen

    The task list is located under the case list in your Servicedesk overview.
    NB! Tasks assigned to you are only visible here.  

    In the case list overview, the number of performed / total number of tasks are shown in the "Tasks" column:

    By adding «Planned tasks» in the right menu, you get an overview of the number of tasks per agent:

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