Auto register case by email:
Now it's possible to create a case directly in More Service by submitting an email to <customer code>
A case is created directly if the "Agent" and "User" fields exist, and refers to an agent and user who exists. Otherwise it will end up in the inbox. Fields specified in the email will then be added to the case during manual registration from the inbox.
Fields supported for pre-completion to inbox are:

  • Subject: Subject matter (if this field does not exist, the emails subject will be used)
  • Username: Used as a reference to user
  • Email: Used as a reference to user when username does not exist or spreads errors
  • Category: Name of category
  • Item: Name of a system
  • Question: Description of subject matter can be written across multiple lines, but must come last

It is also possible to assign:

  • Priority: Priority name
  • Agent: Username of responsible agent
  • Team: Name of the responsible team



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