More Service elastic search.

Wildcard search supported.

* for 0, 1 or more grades
? for 1 grade
# for exact
letters combined with numbers
Search by department. This is the default but can be configured. 
Numeric searches are no longer "fuzzy". This means that a number in the case must match exactly the number that is searched for in order for a hit to be given.
Old cases are filtered out (> 3 years) Department-specific additional fields are now included in the search. The score decreases with age with the case.
Newer cases get higher scores due to age. By entering more words, you now limit the search. All the words that are given must be found in a case in order for the case to appear among the hits.
Search is started 400ms after the last search character has been entered. This is to avoid initiating searches for each letter while the user is typing.

Simple search by keyword, case ID, username, agent, status, in logg, object(CI) in case and e-mail etc:


Activate the  pin to keep the search

It's possible to toggle goup by Agent, customer , status and User

With   Advanced search   you can combine a variety of search fields and time periods, for example status, priority, category, itemitem type, itemitem, subject , ordernummber, batch number and description.


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