It is possible to add form flow control in the new form module. An email with a link to approval is sent to the manager. Manager is set in the user's settings in More Service Agent Portal. When the manager has approved the form it is sent to the Inbox in More Service Agentportal.

Open the form editor and create a new form or edit an existing. Click cllik and save the Form.

Following will show

Choose settings to configure flow

An email will be sent to the manager for approval before the form is sent to More Service Portal. (How to set up manager)

The manager must open the link in the email and approve the form:

The manager can approve or decline the form. The manager can add a comment or edit the form content.

The manager approves the form:

An email is sent to the user.

The form is sent to More Service Portal Inbox or a team for further handling.

The case is registrered. The form is included in the case under FORM

The manager declines the form:

An email with comments is sent to the user:

The form is not sent to More Service Portal.

Add manager:

If you use More Service Discovery and manager is defined there in Active Directory/Azure AD, this will be defined automatically. To manually set up manager, follow the steps below.

Manager is set in the user's setup in More Serivce Portal:

Seach the manager and fill it in.

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