Here we can search the knowledge archive of previously registered proposed solutions.
Known errors: Technical knowledge base available only to agents in More Service. 
A known error contains the title, and a description of symptom and solution.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. These are visible to both agents and users. An FAQ entry consists of a question and an answer, possibly also an attachment. These are also visible on user web. 
Use of FAQ in one case:
1.   When you select a category, item type or item that has an FAQ / Known error entry connected, the icon with the question mark will automatically start flashing, in the upper right corner of the case. By clicking on this icon you will get all the FAQ / Known error entrys associated with the item or category.
2.   If you have found a solution to a case that you want to enter as FAQ / Known error entry, click the FAQ icon in a work log. Fill out questions and answers for FAQ and title, or description and solution for a known error. Common to both is the requirement to associate them with either a category or an item type to be allowed to register.

You can add attachments to all FAQ and Known error entries. You can use the FAQ solution or a known error entry directly in the case.  

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