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New settings page for More Service teams 

Settings → Groups → Teams

The settings page for teams has been completely overhauled.

You now have the option to set notifications for "Selected agents only", "All agents" or "Team email". 

Open cases are shown to users by default

More Service Portal → Cases

In the More Service Portal, "My open cases" are now shown as default.

Create agent from a user

Settings → User accounts & Roles → Users

You can now create a corresponding agent from a user in More Service.

Support for English translations of categories

Settings → Service Desk → Categories

A field for English translations has been added for categories.

Support for English translations of priorities

Service Desk → Overview 

English translations were already available but did not show in Service Desk → Overview. This has now been fixed.

New Approval statuses for the form module

Settings → Service Desk → Status

New statuses have been added that are hidden to the user before the new upcoming More Service Portal is implemented. They will be available for use if the form approval flow is activated.

Columns can now be reordered 

Service Desk → Overview 

Reordering the columns in the case overview is now possible. You can drag and drop between the different columns to arrange it as you like.

Pin the search dialog

Top menu→ Search

A pin icon has been added to leave the search dialog open when clicking the search results.

Actions are only shown after some rows are selected

Service Desk → Overview 

The Inbox and Alarm buttons are hidden if there are no alarms or incoming cases

Service Desk → Overview

Export to Excel is moved

Service Desk → Overview

"Export to Excel" is moved from the action button to the button with the three dots.

Auto invoice

Settings → Service Desk → Case template

A checkbox is now available named "Auto invoice". This ensures that the case logs will be invoiced for cases using this template.

Data dump (Excel dump)

Service desk → Reports

  • Column adjustments for the SLA columns
  • Added "Department" as a new column. This contains the contents of the Active Directory property "Department". 


  • When editing forms from the More Service Portal, the menus are no longer visible.
  • Fix to ensure the same fonts are used across different browsers


  • Fix for missing order forms on the More Service Portal. 
  • "Create as standard change" from the case types Incident, Service, or Access Requests- would fail in some cases.
  • Agents that had a default team set, but did not belong to that team are now added.
  • Settings → Service desk → SLA: Added scrollbar for clients with low resolution.

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