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Enable / disable inbox icon

It's now possible to enable or disable showing the inbox icon when it is empty.

Go to: Settings → Servicedesk → Setup 

New column in Excel 'export with agents' that shows if agent should receive email or not

Added extra column when exporting team with agents to Excel.


Forms editor - User selector missing

The component for selecting More Service users did not work in the More Service Portal forms.

Maintenance overview filter

The filter for the overview of maintenance tasks don't work.

When selecting one agent or all agents, it will would always return the agent that was logged in's maintenance tasks. A fix for the date filter was also implemented.

Fix to legacy API integration

Fixes an issue that could arise if no CIs / Objects where specified when posting a case.

In the email window we now check for changes in all fields before closing

Added check for changes for all fields in email window.

Service Desk - Affects

When saving an existing case, some customers got an error message if the field "Affects", was modified.

Service Desk → Inbox is now responsive

This means that the servicedesk inbox now works better on mobile/pads.

Service Desk reports

Now sorting by the number of hits when grouping in the reports overview page and in the helpdesk statistics report  

Service Desk case log viewer

Sometimes the content of the log did not show

Fix for SLA handling when saving a case

An error could arise when saving a case if there was an issue with the SLA configuration

Service Desk → Reports  - A bug cause issues showing the reports

Servicedesk → Reports  - A bug cause issues showing the reports

Service Desk → HTML Editor 

Fixed a bug in the new HTML editor causing it to not show up in the forms

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