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Change → Send to CAB was slow

  • Improvements were made to make sure the e-mail "Send to CAB" no longer takes a long time to send.

New case from email need to contain the original e-mail

Show to field when expanding email log:

Show date when email was sent/recieved when using reply to:

Send schema / forms by email from the Agent Portal

  • New button for sending schema to others from the Agent Portal.

    When send is clicked, a PDF is generated and an email dialog opened, PDF is attached to email dialog. 

Asset - User dialog accordion

  • Replaced the accordion component in the user dialog 


Inbox - Recent cases for your operating unit did not show

In Team settings, the receipt template selector did not work correctly

  • Need to be logged in with a agent that was in the same operating unit as the team that was edited. This has now been fixed.

Automatic email reminder to approve or decline a form 

  • Now works for both the old and the new form module and is running again.

Search by category in advanced search did not work

  • Searching by category  for cases in advanced search did not work.

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