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  • Agent dialog: Fixed problem with default team generating many connecting teams when changed by keyboard
  • Agent dialog: Fixed problem where default team sometimes did not show.
  • Agent dialog: Fixed problem where  'MasterRole' could not change operating units for agents.
  • Fixed problem deleting agents without cases.
  • Case routing: Fixed an issue where object/category routing did not work when responsible selected was a team.
  • CMDB: Fixed problem with sending service messages from an object.
  • CMDB: Can't add more than 1 of each custom asset properties in form admin
  • CMDB: Creating multiple objects in CMDB/ asset module with same name is not allowed.
  • Asset: Fixed a bug where asset work log did not show up
  • Asset: Improved asset work logs. Logs are only added if asset order does not exist .
  • Asset: Fixed a bug with where some customers could not open some assets because of wrong date format stored in database.
  • Servicedesk → Reports: Fixed problems with buttons disappearing vertically on reports page
  • Servicedesk → Reports: Fixed some problems with layout of content in reports
  • Servicedesk → Reports: Tuned the height of the reports
  • Servicedesk → Reports: Fixed width for date fields on parameter page
  • Fixes a bug where the datepicker only showed English values, even if the culture selected is Norwegian.
  • More Service Portal: Fixes a bug where the  form approval page would not show if textbox contained single quote or newline.


  • Signature is now added when sending mail from a Change
  • Support setting for not changing case status if comments are added from More Service Portal. 

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