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GUI Case view

  • Opportunities to log in focus. In other words, the log can now switch places with the description field. The settings are personal and will be saved.

URL  from knowledge article

  • In case view search "?" knowledge article shows automatickly all knowledge articles and can be sorted by known bugs and FAQs.
  • In the case view search on the knowledge article, you can attach the URL for the knowledge article and use the FAQ template.
  • If you choose the URL  the article will not be sent out. 
  • Improved elastic seach from case image?


  • The overview picture shows tasks automaticly, if a technician has been assigned a subtask .

  • Comment from More Service Portal is now highlighted in case view

  • Improved inbox GUI

  • Added User feedback comment in Datadump

  • Highlighted checkbox added for email, log, and system log

  • Forms submitted from the user portal are shown as an image in the description field.

  • Improved "Advanced search", and support usernames with 4-5 or more letters.

  • More Service Portal 

    Cases that have not been registered can now be deleted by the user

  • Draft can be deleted

  • Draft: When an agent edits a draft, the agent name is logged

  • Reset password for different usernames with the same email address

  • Possibilities for calling up teams directly from the case require:
    that teams is entered on your windows pc under settings-Apps-Default apps- Set default by app→ callto for Teams

  • New hotkey: Ctrl and click + "Incident". This opens "New case" in a new web tab, without closing the existing case.

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