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More Service Portal

  • More Service Portal settings have been moved to
  • Settings → More Service Portal → Portal settings

New function save draft

Options to save log and e-mail as drafts.
Enter in work log. Save the log as a draft.

The draft appears in the case log marked yellow

Edit the draft by tapping the pen in the log.

Then I save the log The log is only displayed as saved, when you have saved the case.

New feature
Possebility in Notification Indcident, Service request and access

Turn off automatic emails when making new case.

Turn off automatic emails when a case is completed

Fixes 10.1.6-26

    • If you selected "Reply to all", addressees did not appear under copy

    • Inproved seach to support upper and lower case

    • Added functionality for including location in name for asset
    • Fixet multiceslect on customer colum in Servicedesk overview

    • Added material ui buttons to inbox
    • Moved "create incident type" from case info to button row for inbox
    • Fixed so that register case from portal supports dispatcher with value 0
    • Fixed problem with including schema when merging cases from inbox
    • Fixed customer name in inbox details
    • Added base support for isSuperUser on end user card
    • Added support for reopening and closing case for superuserr 
    • Added phone to agent excel export
    • Phone number added to user excel export
    • More Service Portal for users/customer

      • Removing order badge and sidemenu if there are no forms

      • Changed state from wait state to started when adding comment

      • Fixedt Automatic case flow to team and e-mail to team member
      • The portal's cases have had their case numbers changed to blue links so that they appear more clickable.
      • Approved 20 MB attachments to the case in the end-user portal
      • Added base support for showing attachments on faq's on user portal
      • Fix More Service Portal enduser:Added confirmation box when registering case above faq suggestions
      • Added color to the invisible feedback button for feedback smiley face
      • portal-search-faq-broken-pictures,  highlightning removed in discription and solution
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