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New More Service Portal

More Service Portal is an effective communication platform between employees and departments.

It is a website for your organization, where employees can submit and follow up their cases.

More Service Portal facilitates employees to communicate easily with the support system and solve problems themselves. The agents will, in turn, be able to publish information that can solve cases, and inform about events that many should be informed about.

The result is less pressure on the support system, and better user experiences for the employees.

In version 10, we are launching a brand new More Service Portal (user web) that has been built from scratch.

It contains major improvements, including for use on mobile devices.

Users can now easily switch between desktop (PC), mobile phone or iPad.

Read more about More Service Portal here:


You will find the new portal here: https://[customerurl]/portal

See YouTube video here



Quick access to post new cases, view your own cases and forms. 




Case list


You can make information sticky by entering info into the information box, but also information that is only relevant for a shorter period of time.

Menu designed for mobile

Knowledge Database / FAQ

The uses will be able to solve some cases with an automatic lookup for information from the knowledge database.

Create your own forms and view them in mobile-aware interfaces

It's also easy to create order forms that employees can fill out on the More Service Portal. Add them to the section "Forms" or replace the "New case" form. With it, one can ensure that all the necessary information is included.
Completed forms are posted as separate cases in More Service for further processing.

Service Messages

Service messages are created by the agents in More Service. They define the period when they will be visible to the employees. This is often information that informs you about problems you experience, changes that are made, information that is important for a short period of time once a year, etc.

Enhanced search

Enhanced display of search results that includes coth FAQ and cases.

Custom look & feel

You can customize the new portal with your own logo, text and colors.

Agent Portal - User interface updates to several pages

Many user interface updates were done to pages in the Agent Portal to comply with the Material Design language.

Removed paper

  • "Paper" has been removed. This means that the white background was removed on several pages. The user interface no longer appears to be trapped in a box looking like a sheet of paper.


  • Changed background color of tables.
  • Fixed smaller padding alignment issues.
  • Fixed layout for FAQ dialog.
  • Fixed styling for FAQ and report issue

Service desk -> Settings -> Setup 

Setup view crashes when signature field is larger than 500 characters.

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